Hong Kong

After our short visit to Beijing, we hopped on a flight to Hong Kong. It took about 4 hours to fly from Beijing down to Hong Kong, and was a pretty rough flight. We were happy when we finally landed and were able to get out of the airport. The Hong Kong metro system is […]

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We just returned from Beijing a few days ago, and what an adventure we had! Beijing was a great city to explore, and has tons of things to see. When we resigned our contracts in Busan, we decided that this year we would use one of our vacations to visit something we have always wanted […]

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A trip to South Korea is never really complete without a visit to Seoul. Being the capital, and biggest city in South Korea, Seoul offers a tonne of things to do, see and eat. Jess and I have made a few trips to Seoul, and every time we go it still excites us and we […]

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Seoraksan National Park

September is an amazing time to get out and take advantage of the great hiking South Korea has to offer. Jess and I had read about the ‘most beautiful’ national park in Korea; Seoraksan. We knew that before our time was up, we had to make a trip to go see it. Unfortunately, it is […]

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Osaka | Kyoto | Nara

Before we booked our summer vacation last year, we asked around at school for some recommendations for trips near Korea. Almost everyone suggested Japan. We originally didn’t have much interest in travelling to Japan, for some reason we thought it would be really similar to Korea. But we decided to take everyone’s advice, and since […]

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El Nido

We had first heard about El Nido from another teacher at school. She visited during our summer vacation and raved about how amazing her trip was. As Christmas started to approach, we were looking for somewhere warm, tropical, and inexpensive to travel to for the holidays. There are many beautiful islands to see in the […]

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Taipei was always somewhere Jess and I were on the fence about visiting. It is relatively close to Busan, but for some reason it wasn’t on our top countries to see list. After signing a contract extension at our school, we thought it might give us another chance to check it out. Just by chance, […]

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Jeju Island

Last August, Jess and I took a short weekend trip to Jeju Island. Jeju is a fairly small island off the southern coast of Korea. It is apart of Korea, and is known for its relaxed life style and volcanic features. We had heard a lot of positive reviews of Jeju, and decided to book […]

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Jess and I had traveled to a few areas in Japan on our last summer vacation. Ever since then, we knew we had to return. It might seem strange, but Japan is much different than Korea. Although they have history, the two countries are very different, in good ways. In this blog I’ll tell you […]

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Hiking Mt. Fuji

Just like many of you, this was a high priority item on our do to list, as it should be. It was an unbelievable experience that Jess and I will never forget. Let me tell you a bit about how we hiked it. We decided back in the spring that we would go to Tokyo […]

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